Money Coaching

I coach working professionals on how to manage money, eliminate debt, and save more.  As your money coach, I can help you assess your current financial situation, identify concerns, set goals, and develop positive money habits.

Whether your goal is paying down credit card debt and college loans, saving for a house, or investing for retirement, I can help you create a simple, step-by-step game plan to reach your goals.

Each one-on-one session is conducted in person, over the phone or via video chat, and lasts at least one hour. I offer session packages and single sessions with email support included so you always have access to your money accountability partner.

6, 1-hour coaching sessions over 3 months plus email support between sessions – $395

Bi-monthly sessions are particularly useful when you are just getting started and need consistent guidance as you assess your financial situation, create a plan to achieve your goals, and begin to develop positive money habits.

6, 1-hour coaching sessions over 6 months plus email support between sessions – $495

Monthly sessions are perfect for working together on specific, medium-term goals. These can include, but are not limited to, creating and implementing a debt payment strategy, resolving issues on your credit report to improve your score, increasing savings, and creating a simple, do-it-yourself investment portfolio.

1, 1-hour coaching session plus email support for 30 days – $100

Single sessions are for those who generally have a handle on their finances, but may need additional guidance on their debt, savings or investment strategies, or on how to react to major life changes, such as marriage or a new baby. They are also ideal for a quarterly or annual review of your finances and goals as your priorities change over time.

Contact me today to set up your free 30-minute consultation to learn how I can help you Get on the Right Track to Financial Independence.